Wallwisher activity feedback reflection
by elpmfo, 4 years ago

  • Wallwisher Activity
  • Feedback & Reflection
  • Jonathan
  • Q1
  • What type of language processing took place while the activity was taking place? For example did you speak a lot? Did you read a lot?
  • Q2
  • How could you have improved the activity?
  • Q3
  • What benefits do you think students would have got from doing such an activity?
  • Think about collaborating, searching on the Internet, digital literacy, editing, organising, designing etc.
  • Q4
  • Do you think it was a good idea for one member of each group to present their wall at the end? What was gained / or lost from doing this?
  • Q5
  • Are there any other comments or thoughts you have regarding the activity?
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