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by paulmarshall, 6 years ago

A brief presentation about

Present.Me tutorial review
  • Happy holidays
  • This template has been created in Microsoft Office 2010.
  • To replace the sentiment here follow these instructions:
  • The sentiment can be customized with your own greeting. Simply highlight the “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” text and begin typing. Changing the text will not affect the animation effect and timing (Deleting the text box, will delete the animation).
  • A pre-animated placeholder is available for you to customize this card with your company’s logo.
  • a. First make sure the placeholder is set at the approximate proportions of your logo and that the logo is saved on your computer.
  • B. Click on the Picture icon and browse to your saved logo.
  • Delete “Sandy.” You may also delete theWiz logo in the lower right corner of the slide.
  • You’re set to go.
  • What do I do?
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