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  • About Jimmy Sommers Wildfox
  • His latest album, Sunset Collective, has become a rage in the jazz circuit as the music brings forth a unique edge to the genre. With girls drooling around him, this calm, cool and collected has made sure that he is surrounded by good company from the music industry.
  • Similar to his previous albums, James Café, Lovelife, 360 Urban Groove, he has successfully collaborated with some of the most popular names in the industry.
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  • Jimmy Sommers playing next to the likes of Paul Brown, Vikter Duplaix, Paul Oakenfold, Rahsaan Patterson, Macy Gray, Brian Culbertson and Angela Johnson, all of whom are smooth jazz mainstays and neo soul artists. He has also incorporated bonus remix by DJ Spinna and another bonus track with Ginuwine.
  • This album entails the spheres of jazz, electronica and soul. It has swimmingly entered the top charts of Radio and Records Smooth Jazz Survey, hence making for a slick glide and groove listening experience. In addition to his work in music, Jimmy Sommers is also thriving in the corporate world.
  • Jimmy Sommers a flourishing name for himself as a renaissance entrepreneur by co-owning the Hollywood hotspot Koi LA. He was one of the foundational partners in the publicly traded company Baby Genius. Moreover, his recently launched clothing line called Wildfox ceo Jimmy Sommers Couture has become a prominent fashion label.
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