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  • Brought to you by Grand Canyon University and the CENTER FOR LEARNING AND ADVANCEMENT
  • Visit to schedule a tutoring
  • session
  • Log into Tutortrac using your student portal login credentials
  • Logging into the New Scheduling Platform
  • The Main Menu appears after you log onto the website
  • STEP1:
  • Click “Search Availability” to start the process
  • Booking An Appointment
  • This is what the screen will look like after “Search Availability” is clicked.
  • STEP 2:
  • Select “GCU Tutoring Center” to schedule an online or face-to-face appointment
  • Notice that the Section field populates with your current courses.
  • *Writing tutoring is available for ALL courses
  • STEP 3:
  • Select a course for content specific tutoring (or Writing for any class)
  • After selecting your course…
  • …click “Search”
  • STEP 3 (continued): Refining your search…
  • After reselecting your course…
  • …click “Search”
  • NOTE: You have the choice to select the date range, time range, and the day of the week, or just leave as it is to find all available appointments
  • If you’d like to limit search criteria, shorten or lengthen sliding markers on the Time slot…
  • ….also, deselect days you are unavailable for tutoring
  • Available tutor(s) appear.
  • ...also, deselect days you are unavailable for tutoring
  • Available tutor(s) appear.
  • *days highlighted in green are selected;
  • when deselected they turn gray
  • STEP 3 (continued):
  • Click the time desired time slot
  • Once an appointment is selected an “Appointment Entry” window appears
  • STEP 4:
  • From the “Reason” drop down box select “Tutoring Session”
  • STEP 5:
  • Type in a working phone number including the area code
  • STEP 6:
  • In the Notes section please specify if the tutoring session is on campus or online
  • Once the appointment is made the window closes.
  • From here you can either make more appointments, or you can click “Main Menu” to view your scheduled appointments.
  • Here is where upcoming tutoring sessions appear
  • Appointment Cancellation
  • Click the “x” to cancel an appointment
  • Once the “x” is clicked an “Appointment Cancellation” window will pop up.
  • Type the reason for missing the session in the reasons box.
  • To confirm the cancellation click “Confirm Cancellation”
  • Once you click “Confirm Cancellation” a processing request will appear.
  • The appointment will not cancel until this screen appears
  • Once the cancellation is complete, the appointment disappears from the Main Menu view
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