We are able to deliver significantly more content and depth in a time of increasing demands of the exam boards...The results of our classes are on average a grade higher that our colleagues relying on traditional methods, even greater amongst the less able students.

Liam SuterThe JFS School, Harrow, London

When I chose to implement a flipped classroom design, having a VERY easy-to-use, reliable, private way to record & disseminate brief lectures each week was a MUST. Such software was not available through my university, so I have chosen to pay out-of-pocket to get this teaching tool. Completely worth it!

Dr Laura Howe-MartinAssociate Professor, UT Southwestern

Present.me seems to be an excellent tool for getting students to think about how they might present information digitally. It’s also great for hybrid learning, for example teachers can upload short videos and slides as a way of keeping students ‘tuned in’ to the course.

Andrew WheelerUniversity of Suffolk at West Suffolk College

After 3 years of incorporating Present.me into the IOH workflow, we have subconsciously merged the spirit of experience-sharing with the the functionality of Present.me. Present.me not only helped us producing the talks, it has also helped us to communicate with the users and speakers. Every time we feel a need to document a tutorial for the users or speakers, we use Present.me.

Jessica LeeGeneral Manager, Innovation Open House, Taiwan

We chose Present.me because it's easy to use for both faculty and students, fits our needs and can be used in face-to-face, blended, or online learning environment.

Dina VyortkinaNazarbayev University, Republic of Kazakhstan


There are many reasons why you might want to record and share your presentation. There are many ways to do it too – if you have a bit of time and technical ability, you you can record it from your desktop and then post it online. However, if you’ve ever tried this, you’ll know it takes a lot longer than you at first think! That’s why we created Present.me – to make it so easy that anyone can do it, and it only takes as long as it takes to give your presentation.



Whether it’s Powerpoint, PDF, Google Docs or Open Office, with the click of a button you can upload your files to Present.me and we’ll convert them to a format so they’re ready to record.


What could be easier? Click ‘record’, you get a few seconds to prepare yourself, then just present into your webcam clicking through your slides as you go. It’s as easy as presenting in person.


Whether it’s on by email, on social media or embedded in your blog – sharing is only a click away. With paid accounts, you can choose to share with the whole world, a select few or keep it to yourself .